UpdatedMonday November 16, 2020 byNPBSA.

Tee Ball is meant to be fundamental with strong emphasis on the word fun.

The Tee Ball League is designed to provide a learning environment, where players can develop and practice fundamental baseball skills at an early age and enjoy the experience. Players learn the basic rules of baseball and develop the fundamental skills of hitting, fielding, throwing and running. The basic concept should be “everybody plays”.

A key to the League’s success is the selection of Managers and Coaches. They must reflect positive and constructive leadership with lots of patience. At this age a well-run practice is much more beneficial for the player’s development than a game.

In order to participate in Tee Ball, your child must be 5 by May 1. There is one game and one practice per week. Games are on Saturday mornings at Hasbrouck Park

Each player will receive a t-shirt and hat as their uniform, and a trophy at the end of the season.

Parents will need to provide a baseball glove, cleats are allowed but not required. Bats, helmets, balls and tees are provided by the league.