Frequently Asked Questions

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UpdatedMonday March 14, 2022 by NPBSA.

Registration Questions:

  • When does registration start?
    • Registration for the spring season opens December 1st.
    • Registration for the fall season typically opens in July
  • When does registration close?
    • Registration for the spring season closes January 31st.
    • Registration for the fall season closes in August.
  • It is outside of the normal registration window, can I still register? (Late registration)
    • In general, late registration is possible (with an additional fee). However there may be conditions within the league that make it not allowed. Please try to register within the normal window and if not, the sooner the better.
  • My child is not age appropriate for the division in which I want them to play (too old or too young). What can I do about that?
    • Players that are too young by 1 year or less can try to "play-up" during the spring seasons. The registration system should offer this. If not, please contact us.
    • Players that are too old are generally not allowed. If you have a special circumstance, please contact us. 
  • I have a coach/teammate special request, what do I do?
    • During the registration process, you will be allowed to make these requests. There is no guarantee, but we will do the best we can to accommodate.
  • Should my child be registered for baseball or softball?
    • Boys tend to register for baseball and girls for softball. However, we do not restrict the registration. 
  • What does my fee cover?
    • Fees cover:
      • the players "uniform" which consists of a hat and shirt in baseball and a shirt and socks in softball. 
      • league equiptment which includes but not limited to bats, helmets, baseballs, field grooming items, umpire fees (for the minors and above divisions), etc

Season Questions:

  • When does the season start?
    • Spring season starts in the first half of April (weather dependant)
    • Fall season starts around Labor day
  • When does the season end?
    • Spring season tends to conclude around the first week of June but varies depending on weather
    • Fall season tends to conclude around halloween.
  • When are practices?
    • Practices vary by division and by team. Most divisions will have 1 practice in the evening during the week. Check with your coach once your team has been assigned.
  • When are games?
    • Games are division dependent. Most divisions will have games on Saturdays. Some divisions may also have a game or two per week on a weeknight (in the spring season). Once your division schedule is made, it will be available in the app to see.
  • When will I hear what team my child is assigned to?
    • After the normal registration period closes, the league directors and coaches will work on fairly dividing the teams. This can take a little time. Please allow a few weeks after the close of registration for this to occur.
  • What equipment will my child need to play?
    • The equipment can vary depending on the sport and level.
    • A glove is the only real requirement at the TBall and Rookie Levels
    • Many / most children have their own bat and helmet. The league has helmets and bats to use. However, with COVID rules, there is no sharing allowed. So if you choose to use a league provided helmet or bat, the helmet and bat will be assigned for the season. 
    • Cleats are allowable at all levels. Plastic cleats are the only ones that can be used with the exception of Babe Ruth where metal can be used.
    • For Baseball:
      • If you are purchasing a bat, please ensure it has the USA baseball stamp on it. (
    • For Softball: 

App / Website questions:

  • ‚ÄčThe app is not showing my newly assigned team. What should I do?
    • In general, we've heard that removing and re-installing the app usually fixes this. It's not a great answer, but it does tend to work. You may try logging out and back in.
  • What is the best way to keep track of my teams?
    • The Sports SignUp Play app is the best way to stay in touch with your team.